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WineKeep manufactures customized wine cellar rooms; as a standard sized kit or custom designed according to the exact specifications of the customer. All panels meet the new EISA laws regulating cooled rooms at 55 degrees or cooler. By utilizing the highest quality materials, WineKeep’s manufactured rooms provide the ultimate in flexible design configuration, quality, and ease of assembly. From the initial quote and approval drawing, to the time the product is shipped and delivered, the customer is kept informed of the status of their order by our dedicated team of sales professionals.

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Wine Lockers shall be constructed of prefab, precision-formed, modular panels designed for accurate, rapid field assembly. Lockers shall be test assembled at the factory and shall be equal to those manufactured by WineKeep.


Each locker shall have a set of installation instructions and lay-out drawing. All panels shall have panel identification corresponding with the lay-out drawing to facilitate rapid and accurate field erection.


Each panel shall consist of inner and outer metal skins, a 4" insulation core, and be equipped with cam-action locking devices. The locking devices shall be operable from inside the walk-in and a hex-shaped wrench shall be supplied. Press-fit plug buttons shall be provided to seal wrench holes after assembly is complete. Construction shall be as approved by the National Sanitation Foundation International and shall bear the NSF® Seal of Approval.

cam lock panel  fastenerAll panels shall be connected to one another by placing the tongue of the insulation core of one panel into the groove of the core insulation of the adjacent panel. The resultant tongue and groove joint shall be sealed at both sides by double barreled NSF® approved gaskets. In order to avoid future swelling and mold formation, no wood shall be permitted in the manufacture of the tongue and groove panel profile.

Designer metal colors are available.


Floor screeds shall be provided for all floorless units. The screeds shall be vinyl, and have NSF® approved cove both inside and out.


Metal finish of the panels shall be as follows. Interior or exterior walls, and ceilings

• black stucco embossed galvanized


Extruded Polystyrene: All wall and ceiling insulation shall be 4” thick, high quality, rigid extruded polystyrene, 1.6 lb density. K factor of not more than .139 and an R factor of not less than 7.2 per inch, initial fresh R-28.8 minimum total wall R factor. Vapor transmission shall be less than 1 perm and foam core material must meet UL 5 flame spread rating with average smoke rating less than 165. (UL 723)(UL 723)


Standard Wine Room Sizes: Nominal Size

6’2”x4’8”x7’6” (6’x5’)

5’10”x7’10”x7’6” (6’x8’)

7’10”x7’10”x7’6” (8’x8’)

7’10”x9’9 ½”x 7’6” (8’x10’)

9’9 ½”x 9’9 ½”x7’6” (10’x10’)

Custom sizes available upon request.


Normal temp, 30”x81” lockable glass entry door with LED lights.


Wine racks and custom shelving options available.


Pre-assembled indoor remote refrigeration system, medium temperature, 1 phase, 1/4 horsepower, hermetic 115 volt, includes Copeland condensing unit. Does not include refrigerant.

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